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Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:20:28 PM

Gun control vs. people control essays Gun Control vs. People Control A recent incident in California occurred on a crowded highway, in a traffic gridlock situation. Two normally conservative men, while in the heat of this traffic jam, steadily progressed to a rage which led to a fatality essay on Ahead of Geron blowup a serious injury. Both men had permits and were carrying concealed firearms used for protection during their employment. One man was a jewelry store manager and the other was a Wells Fargo armored car guard. If it were illegal for these men to carry guns, they would both be alive today. If the same incident occurred without the availability of weapons, these two men may warning signs were visible for those willing to see them exchanged words, gestures, and perhaps more aggressive behavior, but would not have tried to kill each other. Is it fair to say that the legalization to carry firearms puts more danger into public areas? In a similar situation, several years ago, while traveling in Southern California with my parents, an apparent car thief and the Los Angeles Police Department placed us in danger. While sitting at a stoplight the vehicle in front of us was surrounded by police officers. They all had their weapons drawn, and aimed at the essay writing Here’s How Millennials’ Lives Were Changed By Recession 10 Years Ago of the vehicle. If they had fired undoubtedly one or several of my family members would have been shot. We would have been a “calculated loss” or an “unfortunate incident.” There are many stories heard everyday with similar situations as well as occurrences “good versus evil”. Gun control is a controversial issue that can touch almost every individual in at least some way. There are stories of drive-by shootings, children having accidents with firearms, mistaken identity shootings, and the shooting of innocent victims. The only real solution, although impossible, would be to eliminate all firearms. Since Utopia is nonexistent, so is the elimination of all deadly weapons. We must go back to the original meaning of the title of this essay, which is to control guns. Often, l.

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