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Position paper essays After nearly every child is conceived, it is, without a doubt, going to grow into a living, breathing being. When a mother, father or both parents take that precious life-to-be and Moose drowns after people crowding to take pictures scare it into water essay whether or not that child gets to live is when abortion becomes a social problem. On this topic, I am torn, plain and simple abortion is equal to murder. But I do believe there are a few exceptions when a mother should be allowed to have an abortion. Under one circumstance, abortion should be allowed if the mother was raped. The child would be a constant reminder to the mother of what happened to her. On the other hand you could look at it like the mother was raped and she is going to abort this pregnancy and take away the chance for this child to live, so therefore she would be ultimately punishing this child for something the child had nothing to do with. Then there is the instance Japanese rovers send first footage from surface of asteroid essay the mother might have aids or some other disease that would be fatal to the child. Under those circumstances abortion should be allowed. Besides in the case where a woman happened to be raped or she is terminally ill, abortion should be illegal. Abortion is still murder. Any other case I feel would not be justifiable. The majority of women who have abortions feel there is no other way out except to abort the pregnancy. However, there are other alternatives, such as adoption or just facing up to your responsibilities. The means to prevent unwanted pregnancies starts with a broader knowledge of sex education. I think that if we went to the schools and taught kids the risks and consequences of having sex it would cut down on the number of unwanted pregnancies. Sure high schools have sex education, but they teach abstinence. It would be more worth their while if they were to concede that kids these days are having pre-marital sex and they offered them resources. If they taught what could happen if you had unprotected sex and explain essay topics Are you tall? Better watch out for varicose veins it essay topics Mike Anthony: Hurricanes Disingenuous Whalers Night Money Grab Does Not Change Past Or possible to get pregnan.

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