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Monday, August 13, 2018 3:01:31 PM

Cell phones essay topics Review: iOttie ION Wireless Stand Charger offers good looks essays Ask anyone what they think of cell phones, and the answer you might receive will most probably be along the lines of: They are annoying, a nuisance, and can be dangerous while driving. No one wants to hear a cell phone go off during the climax of a movie, no one essay topics Dale Earnhardt Jr. Q&A: Fatherhood, retiring, second career? to overhear the relationship problems someone is having with their significant other, and no one wants to get into an essay on College basketball breakout candidates: Heres whos poised for a big year because some jerk can’t drive and use their cell phone at the same time. All of these are very valid points and I agree with them. I could go on and on, giving reason after reason why you shouldn’t have a cell phone. However, the bottom line is that cell phones are convenient, for many reasons. In actuality, I think that the level of convenience a person gains by having a cell phone outweighs all of the other nuisances that come along with it. Let’s say you do get into an accident because someone was using their cell phone and driving at the same time. After the accident, would you not first reach for your cell phone in order to make the necessary contacts? I know I would. Or let’s say your car breaks down and you’re on the highway. Sure, you could walk all the way to the nearest call box, or wait for someone nice enough to pull over and assist you (good luck with that one). But it would be ten times more simple and easy to just reach over to your cell phone. Cases in point, cell phones are convenient, even needed, in an emergency. When your life, health or safety is on the line, how can you care about all of the other problems your cell phone has caused you? In an emergency, those little annoyances mentioned become dramatically dwarfed. Also, a cell phone can be very advantageous for a busy person who is trying to balance many activities everyday. For example, I have to go to class, work, band practice, and try to make time for friends and essay topics Review: iOttie ION Wireless Stand Charger offers good looks. So, as a person who is very out and about, I tend to miss a lot of phone calls. I mus.

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