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Bowers vs. hardwick essays Bowers vs. Hardwick A Supreme Court Ruling on Sodomy Since before the Middle Ages gay and lesbian rights have never been well received by the government. During the Middle Ages anyone found having sex that was not meant to procreate kids, in other words gay and lesbian sex, was thought to be an act against god, and the violators faced harsh sentences, such as being burned at the stake, drowned, or publicly flogged. Now gays and lesbians are not so brutally punished by the government, but they are still denied their basic rights to pursue happiness together, a procedure protected by the US Supreme Court. In 1986 the Nvidia is near a ‘tipping point’ in AI dominance Court made a decision on the Bowers vs. Hardwick case that left states to continue their unneeded prosecutions of gay and lesbian couples. The case started back in 1982 when 28-year-old Michael Hardwick was getting off work the morning of July 5th. As he was leaving his job at bar, well known in Atlanta to be a meeting place for gays, he carried out his nearly empty bottle of beer. He decided that he no longer wanted the beer and threw it into a nearby trashcan. Officer Keith Torrick, well known in the area for his dislike and prosecution against gays, noticed Hardwick dispose of the beer. He picked up Hardwick in his patrol car and led him around the city for twenty minuets while questioning him, during which Torrick learned that Hardwick worked at the gay bar. Officer Torrick issued Hardwick a ticket for drinking in public and threatened Hardwick that if he did not show up in court that he would personally come and find Hardwick. When a misunderstanding of the court date led to Hardwick not showing up for his charge Torrick lived up too his words. For the first time in ten years Torrick personally processed an arrest warrant and showed up at Hardwick’s house two hours after he was supposed to be in court. Officer Torrick found Two Weeks After Florence his Two Weeks After Florence home, who later informed Hardwick about the officer sho.

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