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Differences of the new england and chesapeake regions essays What was life like for the American colonist at the end of the seventeenth century? Well, if someone were to ask the residents of Chesapeake and New England they would almost certainly get an analysis of two very distinct societies. Due to geographical, climatic, economic, and moral differences, New England and Chesapeake developed into completely dissimilar regions. The effects of climate and geography had an extremely opposite reaction in reference to New England and Chesapeake. A harsh climate in Chesapeake allowed diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and typhoid run ramped. Half the people born in early Virginia and Maryland did not live to see their twentieth birthdays. In addition families were both few and fragile in this fierce environment. But while Chesapeake was dealing with a harsh climate, New England was reaping the benefits of cleaner water and cooler temperatures that prevented the spread of killer diseases. In contrast to the fate of the Chesapeake residents, essay writing Theresa May’s Former Top Diplomat Is Now Her Antagonist on Brexit Englanders added ten years to their essay topics College Football Experts Predict WVU-Texas Tech by moving there. One settler even claimed, “a sip of new England’s air is better than a whole draft of old England’s ale.” The healthy environment of New England contributed to a more family centered life compared to the Chesapeake’s. Along with different climates came different economic practices. Although unhealthy for the Chesapeake residents, tobacco cultivation proved to be perfectly suited for the region. Almost 40 million pounds of tobacco a year was exported out of Chesapeake by 1700. This increase in tobacco meant more labor in the form of indentured servants. Both Virginia and Maryland engaged in a ‘headright’ system. Under this method whoever paid for the passage of the worker, were rewarded with fifty acres of land. By 1700 Chesapeake planters brought some 100,000 servants to the region. Eventually these free “white slaves” grew restless and rebelled. The most famous o.

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