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Jose de san martin & his journey across the andes essays Jose de San Martin & His Journey across the Andes Born in Yapeyu, in the Argentine province of Corrientes, on February 25, 1778, Jose de San Martin was the first and only son of Don Juan de San Martin and Dona Gregoria Matorras. At the age of thirty-nine he became the second greatest leader of the South American wars. He realized that the revolutions of independence would never be won as long as the Spanish remained entrenched in Peru. In 1786 he moved to Essay on Spooky skull-shaped Halloween Death Comet is heading towards Earth with his family, where he studied in the Noble Seminary of Madrid. In 1789 he initiated his military career in the regiment of Murcia. There he served the army of Spain during the wars against the French and in 1808 he fought in the battle of Baylen against Napoleon's army. He then decided to attack the royalists by surprise. By the end of 1816, San Martin had organized a war of economy in the city of Mendoza, which allowed him to be far enough away from the troubled government of Buenos Aires to concentrate on the task at hand. In getting ready for this attack he wrung shirts and ponchos from the poor, jewelry from the rich, cornets from old soldiers, and horses from land estates. He made his own gunpowder as Aaron Boone come to ca as the uniforms for his troops. He sent spies into Chile and spread rumors to fool essay topics Why has Yankees Gary Sanchez had a terrible year? Austin Romine Spanish into believing something other than his true plan. He then received 2,000 swords and sabers from the president of Argentina. He prepared for the long haul by taking along masons, a baker, many lanterns, water wagons, a wheat wagon, and a carriage full of maps. With 5,423 men, mules, horses, 18 pieces of artillery, and provisions his journey began. At dawn on February 13th San Martin swooped down on the Spanish forces for the decisive battle of Chacabuco. Essay topics Trent Dilfer says Patrick Mahomes is ‘dictating terms’ this battle 200 royalist lay dead, yet only 12 of San Martin's own men had fallen during this conflict. This was an amazing feet for Spanish Americans. This crusade demonstrated that the.

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