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Israel's independence essays Israel or Palestine has been the holy land of the Jewish people. Long before biblical times the Jews were settled in Palestine and from then on They have been spreading Their religion, culture, and identity to the rest of the world. Bus Israel hasn’t always existed, as a matter of fact it is one of the most recent new Nations formed. Ever since the Jewish community were exiled from Palestine they would always hope that God would bring a messiah which would bring the Jewish society back to Palestine and make it a nation for the Jews. It was during these times that Zionism was first developed. The Zionist have always been arguing and fighting for Palestine and the Jewish people. Their main goal was to bring back the Jewish people into Palestine and establish a home for them. Near the end of World War I the British government issued a letter called the Essay writing Sony Confirms There Won’t be a PlayStation Experience This Year declaration, which expressed their approval of Zionism. This would soon greatly help in the formation of Israel. Little that they knew that the Zionist would soon gain enough power to form a solid nation which they have been always hoped for. As mentioned essay examples Everybody Loves Boban Zionism goes back to biblical times, and their main goal was to establish a home for the Jewish people. At the end of the middle ages a number of Messiahs came forward with the claim to lead the Jews back to Palestineand they were generally received with great enthusiasm by their fellow Jews #. After many years Zionism finally gained strength and in 1917 the British issued the Balfour declaration to win support of European Jews. In 1922 the league of nations issued a mandate granting control over Palestine to Britain, entrusting it to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish National home.# During World War II increased momentum internationally of the Zionist movement, combined with economic recession in Europe, brought thousands more Jews f.

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