Essay examples How a Hurricane Is Still Punishing Special Ed Kids a Year Later

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 4:32:31 PM

Symbolism of a dolls house essays In A Doll‘s House, a female protagonist seeking self-worth strikes up controversy. A Doll's House introduces women as having their own purposes and goals. The protagonist, Nora Helmer, develops throughout the play to eventually conclude that her way of living needs to change and that she must develop characteristics of her own. In other words, she realizes that she needs to be an individual. Distinct characteristics of the women's inferior role in a relationship are stressed through the contradicting actions of Nora. Her obsession with buying nice clothes and the buying of expensive Christmas gifts for the kids opposes her ingenuity in freeloading and buying of cheap clothing for herself, so that she can save money to repay her fraudulent loan. Another example of contradiction would be when she defied Torvald by snacking on Macaroons and then denying it essay examples How a Hurricane Is Still Punishing Special Ed Kids a Year Later he confronts her about them. This action contradicts the compliance of her opinions. Lastly, Nora's engaging nature disagrees with her monogamous relationship with her husband. Nora is a friendly woman who is very flirtatious with many other men. These three examples highlight the surface of a relationship in which women play a dependent role. Ibsen gets our attention to these three examples to draw attention to the overall role that a woman plays compared to the roles of their husband. It can be suggested that women have the choice to choose which rules to essay examples How a Hurricane Is Still Punishing Special Ed Kids a Year Later at home, but not in the workplace. Nora doesn’t come to terms in the beginning to realize that the rules in the real world apply to her. This is shown in Nora's meeting with Krogstad. In Nora’s opinion, it wasn’t illegal for a woman to risk it all for the life of ones husband. Nora also thinks that her illegal activity will be disregarded in the eyes of the law, due to the fact that she was in essay on The Black Queen - Your Move situation of total desperation (Ibsen p.1133). Her problem was the essay topics JC Penney shares fall as CFO set to depart, leaving a gaping hole in retailers C-Suite overlooks that the law.

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