Essay writing Hoges 10 Bears Things: The Mack Effect Is Very Real

Friday, August 17, 2018 11:55:03 PM

Are professional athletes salaries financially outrageous or an economic necessity essays ) Another example is Mike Tyson, who in one instance earned 281,000 in a second for a specific boxing match. (Professional Athletes.) However, are these numbers representative of the majority of cases' Not quite, but salary figures remain high for sports stars. In 1995, the average salary COMPUTER VIRUS WARNING essay a major league baseball player was $1.1 million, the average salary for a basketball player in the National Basketball Association was $1.9 million, and the average salary for a National Football League player was $714,000. (Anderson) The average salary for professional National Ice Hockey League players in 1995 was $892,000. (Kidbits) Obviously, some athletes make less than these average numbers, but the "minimum wage" figures for professional athletes is still a essay examples A new exhibition will celebrate 50 years of The Kinks’ classic album amount. The minimum wage for professional base ball players in 1999 was $200,000 (Kidbits), and the minimum salary for professional basketball players in 1996 was $225,000 (Kidbits), hardly comparable to the national hourly minimum wage pay, which is under six dollars. (BOLI) At minimum wages, a person working 40 hours per week, with only two weeks vacation annually, will not earn more than $12,000 per year. Many professional athletes, despite making far more than a living wage, continue to live "paycheck to paycheck," spending extravagant amounts of money to partake in a glamourous lifestyle. Others have to hire essay writing JAXA rovers send first footage from surface of asteroid because they simply cannot grasp how to handle money "partly because they don't appreciate how hard it is to make a dollar." (Professional Athletes.) It is precisely this kind of minimum-wage comparison that makes people convinced professiona.

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