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Excessive pride in the odyssey essays In the Odyssey there are many themes are prevalent throughout. The one that I found most powerful is the thinking that through invisibility excessive pride can be converted to humility. This means that people have to remove themselves from their normal person to see or accomplish things they wouldn’t otherwise. Hospitality was often given without the host and/or hostess being aware of who the recipient was. For example, Odysseus is with the Phaeacians several days before he identifies himself. The idea of hubris means to have an excess of pride or arrogance. How the Greeks felt about it is demonstrated too. Penelope's suitors demonstrate this excessive pride and arrogance; they are killed. An excess of pride in ones self can be very dangerous to ones well-being. In Book 9, Odysseus’s eventual revelation of his identity to Polyphemus ultimately proves foolish, and, because it embodies a lack of foresight, stands in stark contrast to the cunning prudence that Odysseus displays in his plan to escape from the cave. Though his anger at Polyphemus for devouring his shipmates is certainly understandable, and though Polyphemus’s blind rock-throwing fury eggs him on, Odysseus’s taunts are unnecessary. By telling Polyphemus his name, Odysseus pits his mortal indignation against Poseidon’s divine vengeance. Essay writing Avril Lavigne reaches no.5 in Christian song chart act of hubris, or excessive pride, ensures almost essay on Michigan State mailbag: Can QB Brian Lewerke minimize his turnovers? that Odysseus will suffer grave Consequences. Indeed, his eventual punishment costs him dearly: Poseidon’s anger wipes away the very thing that he gains by cleverly obscuring his name—the safety of his men. “Mortals needed to remember that they were inferior beings.” a quote from the Brown Greek Myth book. When Niobe’s children are slain by Leto, she sits with the last child in her arms “. the little body the clung to Niobe twitched suddenly and went limp. The mother set her down and sat down herself in the midst of the hall, too proud t.

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