Essay on Protect Yourself From These 6 IRS Tax Scams in 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 4:51:29 AM

Brutality: police & prisons essays n in police stations or on the way to the station. The most common forms of essay topics Original Apple Computer Sells For $375K At Boston Auction are kicks and punches by officers. With the use of fists, batons, or other instruments such as police radios or flashlights, victims usually sustain injuries while they are handcuffed or otherwise restrained. In most cases injuries are sustained which require medical treatment, and in some cases the injuries are severe enough to require the victim to spend some time in a hospital (…/ nypd-03.html#Types). In addition to physical brutality, suspects are being shot upon, and killed or injured by police officers. Police departments throughout the nation have very stringent guidelines for when officers may resort to deadly physical force and police shootings are relatively rare essay on Aphids use sight to avoid deadly bacteria to the arrest rate and number of police contacts with criminal suspects. However, it is disturbing to know that a number of cases in officers appear to have shot suspects in circumstances which did not warrant the use of lethal force, in violation of police guidelines and international standards. There have been many deaths in custody after police used dangerous restraint procedures. Hogtying has been one of the most dangerous procedures in the past few years. Hogtying is where a suspect’s ankles are tied to their wrists behind their backs. Many police departments have banned this procedure although some still continue to use it. Police brutality is used to intimidate the citizens in many cases, but it's been proven that most violence by police happens because of racism and discrimination. Most victims are poor and people of color. It is understandable that the pressures on a police officer are very great, but that still does not justify the improper actions and opinions of some officers towards minorities. In a wide area of New York City essay topics Original Apple Computer Sells For $375K At Boston Auction has been reported that more than two thirds of the victims .

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