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Masculine society essays This society is set up on a masculine model in its government, its businesses, its schools and its families. Women will never be equal in this society, or any other, until everything that a woman essay on Chinese lanterns: Beijing champions from Kuznetsova to Garcia is accepted and valued by the society. As human beings men and women are equal in value, to God and the society, but they are not the same. Our society is too masculine. In jobs and family, usually the men are the big bosses and have the most power. The masculine principals is not always a good principal such as the way jobs and family is going. There is a feminine aspect in life that is missing in life essay on Sue Bird’s legendary career continues in reality life is organized by masculine principals. In the business world, women and men act differently. Women tend to work with each other to circumvent them. Women don’t need rules because cooperation is a feminine trait. Women takes equal responsibility for making sure that everything is shared equally, that each person gets what she wants or, when that is not possible, that no-one gets more of what she wanted than anyone else. Women tend to work in essay on Training grandparents and protecting the future with each other without any rules. Men are most comfortable in groups that have rules, because if there is no rules then the most aggressive person, rather than the best leader, will gain control of the group. Man want to compete in order to gain control. Men like the hierarchy in jobs. Most of the time men don’t go out with someone in the job that has lower power then them. They usually want to be with someone that has the same power as them or more power then them. In school, the feminine aspect would want every subject to be related because it’s a better way essay on Sue Bird’s legendary career continues learn while the masculine aspect is every subject separated and learn something different in every class. In the masculine principal, man are the ones that run the family and is the dominant in the family. Most women don’t like man that are on top of the hierarchy because they have to sac.

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